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Drinking beer at your local supermarket is #trending

November 04, 2015 The Wine Time Dad 0 Comments Category : , , ,

(this post has been reposted from an earlier one, so feel free to skip it)

... Or, at least it is for me.
     Who would've thought that dropping into your "local" and having a glass, or seven, of some craft brew would be so akin to popping into a bar? Yet it is, and it's cheaper. And, even though the beer menu will change every month or so, you can be sure that it'll remain exotic.
     Last weekend found my wife's family in town for my daughter's birthday and me with some extra hours to spare. So I headed up to Tenley Town to do some laps (in the pool- I don't call drinking "doing laps")(although I might consider it). Since it felt like I'd done an extra strenuous swim session, I thought that I deserved to stop in somewhere and have a drink. Now, I didn't really want to head to a bar because of the price and maybe a little guilt. This wasn't supposed to be an afternoon drinking marathon, it was supposed to be quick and cheap. Just a taste. I decided that Whole Foods would serve my purposes. I'd stopped in for a beer before when I saw other people chilling at the little coffee/ cocktail bar. I figured I would go in and "sample" that porter from last time around. But, lo and behold, the menu had changed!
     "Don't worry!" said the blond next to me, "You should try this Créme Brûlée Stout. It's the nectar of the Gods, don't you know!"
     "Agreed!" burped the man sitting on the other side of me, "But you should really go for a flight, buddy."
     Well, considering that it was still early in the afternoon, maybe I could tackle both.
     I started with the Créme Brûlée Stout, and discovered that Blondie was telling the truth. It was, indeed, the nectar of the Gods. I could've probably sat there all day and drank the stout until I hurled. It's smooth "cream soda" like goodness probably wouldn't feel too bad coming back up. Might not taste all that bad either.
     As I drained my first glass, my various bar companions discussed the other beers. Burpy suggested that Blondie should get a flight and his dark haired companion agreed with him. Blondie hemmed and hawed, but decided she'd had enough and bought a half growler of the CB stout, to take home.
      Fare thee well, Blondie! May you enjoy your beer.
     As much as I would've liked to take home of growler of the stout, I didn't have $36 bucks just lying around, nor $16 for the half. But, what I did have is $5 more for a flight (cheap, right?).
     "Well, Burpy," I declared, "a flight it is!"
     "That's the spirit, boy-o!"
      After finally getting an order in, I sat there and enjoyed my beer. I started with the strongest:

  1. Dogfish Head, Beer Thousand (10%- the stronger the better), a lager      
  2. Highland, Oatmeal Porter (5.8%- the bare minimum for me)                                            
  3. Deschutes, Zarabanda (6.1%) a saison
  4. and finally, one more round of the Southern Tier, Créme Brûlée Stout (9.6%- just right)

     I drank the stout last because I wanted its aftertaste to linger for the metro ride home. And, as much as I wanted one more, I had to call it quits (I maybe would've snuck a six pack on the ol' credit card, if they'd had 'em). Besides, I had a birthday party to go to! Also, the new patron sitting next me was either talking to himself and making no sense or talking to me and making even less sense. Time to go!
     On the long metro ride back to where I came from, I contemplated the ambiance of drinking at Whole Foods (it's the only supermarket I can reference since I haven't made a habit of drinking in supermarkets), and I thought that even if it's not a new phenomenon, it's certainly not a bad one. How much more enjoyable and relaxing would a crowded supermarket be if you could place a filled pint in your cart and go shopping?