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In defense of an alcohol break

June 20, 2014 The Wine Time Dad 0 Comments Category : , , ,

As I have said on this here blog, more often than I would care to look back on, I'm no super dad. I'm not even an average dad who does super things. I'm just an average stay-at-home dad who tends to (probably) screw up child rearing and general chores/ errands more than half the time. I can't even clean- it takes me forever. I usually miss a whole bunch of stuff and get stressed out.

If I do manage to "clean" the kitchen, maybe straighten up something else AND take my daughter outside to get some fresh air, I consider that an overall win for the day.

Posting something here on the same day as getting actual chores done makes me think anything is possible. I start having delusions of grandeur and taking over the world is only the next logical step.

Of course, not all of this happens, and let's be frank, taking over the world needs to be more of a priority than a passing thought.

Truth is, I don't even get a fraction of the writing I want to do, done, and my cleaning skills are rudimentary at best. Worse still, after almost two years of having to cook at least one decent meal a week (not including breakfast), I still don't know the basics. Meaning I put cucumbers on every sandwich and load up on cinnamon (it's my personal beliefs that cucumbers are not just meant for salads and dips. Cinnamon reminds me of the spice in Dune, but sadly it does not confer super-human abilities).

Also, I still fear that because of my general laziness, not constant these days, my daughter won't start talking until hell freezes over (see my post about TV, here). Her curiosity and brain probably are atrophying in her sleep, right now. I mean, have you tried to narrate a pre-social toddler's life? It's fucking tedious and mind-numbing...

As you can see, having a daughter and becoming a stay-at-home hasn't turned me into the superman as I thought it would. It's just made me realize how much free time I've squandered since I was about 15, and how little I have now. Or, how little I constructively use what free time I do currently have...


Yet, I try to remind myself that my worst fears are just my overactive imagination. I don't rest somewhere at the bottom of the spectrum of parenting all the time.  Furthermore, true to my word (to no one in particular) I have maintained this, uh... Blog.. With a bare minimum of, at least, one post a month since last October. For better or for worse, it seems to have also found its groove too, which is something that makes me want to say, "Hey, at least I did that." I'm not even too concerned if anyone follows me (not sure I would follow me, either). Whether or not this blog accomplishes anything other than being an outlet for my parent drama, is not important- it's the process that matters, man!

Ahh... Where was I?

I occasionally have a build up of these negative thoughts after a rough or busy morning. When the silence of my daughter's nap hits me, I feel like I have only a few options: I could either work on changing the world or just zone out. Now, barring some major break through, I will never change the world, neither will you for that matter, BUT I/ we can be constructive. So, here I am!

Uh... I'm getting distracted again, sorry.

Back to my train of thought...

Oh yeah, beer..

I thought that once my daughter was down for her nap and lunch was squared away, I'd finish that long, current events related post I'd been working on.

But, that's when I saw the beer. Not just any old beer (I stay away from shit bee because, don't you know, I'm a neophyte beer snob), it was DC Brau's The Tradition (golden ale). Although I prefer The Citizen, a stronger beer, which better reflects what I am... Ha ha, a strong citizen! Traditions not really being my thing, it's still a good beer (even if my wife doesn't agree).

Back on course...

So I get to thinking, why not have one? I'll crack one open and sit on the balcony and be constructive. I've had one before in the middle of the day and it's never opened the proverbial flood gates (I have no desire to consume more than one beer in the middle of the afternoon while I'm "on duty", not because I consider it unconscionable to drink a lot in the middle of the afternoon, but because being being shit-faced while taking care of a toddler is never fun). It's like having a cigar at night. It's for the taste. For the ambiance, you know? I'll just have a beer while I type some words down. Besides, it's Friday afternoon, not Monday morning...

Then I realize..

Having a beer in the mid or late afternoon may actually be good for your mental health. Whether or not you admit it, lots-o-folks think about it (probably do it, too, even if they don't admit it). Why all the stigma against it? Maybe more people should have a beer at lunch, not just us stay-at-home persons. Your afternoons may go better.

If you enjoy beer, my alcoholic beverage of choice, think of all the positive emotions you feel when that cold sweet nectar slides down your parched throat. Think of how you'll take those lingering positive emotions back with you to the office or the home or the operating room. Even if you weren't having a difficult day to start with, think of how much more exponentially better your day will be after that beer. You may be able to bring someone else up from lower energy levels and save them from a possibly bad afternoon. I dare say, you could be their savior, their Jesus Christ. So get to drinking you miracle worker, you!

Now, I'm not condoning the general use of chemicals to alter our moods while on the job, even though that's what caffeine, nicotine, cocaine (for you business types) and marijuana (for you hospitality workers) is, nor that you do it all the time. Just from time to time. Scratch that coffee break and have a beer break! Of course, you shouldn't go out and get sloshed, drunk or even buzzed, but enjoy your quiet time/ break time. Especially if it's after Monday. And, save those "rare form" moments for events you don't want to attend but serve liquor.

See what happens when you get too imbedded in your responsibilities? This conversation started somewhere else, didn't it?

Fuck it, my friends, you only live once, so have a beer and chill out.