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New Fiction Alert (not mine, though)!

April 17, 2014 The Wine Time Dad 0 Comments Category :

The following post is very unrelated to DC Daddy's mission, but I also like to post about new fiction that is out or coming out soon. Plus, neurally speaking, I'm still recovering from a long, trippy weekend way up the eastern seaboard. Ergo, attempting one of my poorly written posts about fathering, snowboarding or "lifing" would not end well..

On with the show...

This is just a blurb from a forthcoming book by the up and coming author, Chris Ward, who I have been following for some time. Trust me when I say that his writing is always unique and always original. I know that sounds cliché, especially in a world where uniqueness and originality are harder to come by and (more and more) are just a novel relabeling of existent material... I mean there is nothing unique and original in faeries, elves, warlocks or even gods, nor will there ever be (unless that tradition of story telling is rekindled after an apocalyptic event where all the former stories are wiped out). Neither will there ever be something utterly unique and original in space travel or inter-dimensional beings. I suppose we can only use pre-existing archetypes and invent new situations for them... Oh, this tangent is getting messy- maybe I should avoid literary analysis for now.. 

However! Ward is quite original and unique in his plotting, characters and story lines. Of course, you may see some familiar archetypes in there, but that's where it ends. His stories always take you someplace you've never been before and the storyline is active. ACTIVE! The writing is also fucking great. 

So, without further adieu... 

Pretty suspenseful, right? I mean, what was it? A vampire? An inter-dimensional being who landed in the wrong place and time for Masanori? A time traveler who ended up a little off course? Well, the possibilities are far more than I care to list here, and I bet you that Mr. Ward will surprise even the most shrewd speculators. I especially love that the opening scene takes place in rural Japan, a place that I have a good feel for and know well enough. Being able to use my memories as a reference for people, places, personalities and cultural phenomenon, instead of just my imagination, brings an extra and more intimate dimension to reading. I'll be watching you Mr. Ward! I'll know if you're just making shit up. 

Needless to say I'm excited for this future release and others (there is also a Tube Riders prequel coming out!).

Anyways, at some future time you will be able to find this book and the TR prequel on Amazon, along with Ward's other great fiction (Also check out The Man Who Built the World, which I especially like cause the main character and I share a first name).