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A necessary absence

March 27, 2014 The Wine Time Dad 0 Comments Category :

'お久しぶりです' dear friends and my few faithful readers, or "long time, no see" as they say in France and (sometimes) Germany. We've both been away for some time so it would seem that we have a lot to talk about, except for the several million brain cells and nights of sleep I've lost along the way. Which may render that endeavor difficult.

Somewhere between my first Lagunita's IPA and Bullet Bourbon on the rocks (my new whiskey for the month and maybe the rest of this year), out in the wild wild west, I dropped all the pretty words I had collected before my excursion. All I have left, until my brain reorganizes itself, are just some broken thoughts, a lot of joint fatigue that wasn't there last year and chlorine in my faucets..

Wait. What? Chlorine in my faucets?


I recently just returned from a brief but necessary excursion out to Lake Tahoe, where I was able to flex those well-trained but not often used muscles for snowboarding. I still haven't attempted an East coast snowboarding trip. I hear it's very expensive to ride on their over-sized hills.

My prep work consisted of going to the gym and killing myself on the elliptical until my knees started to bother me so that I then got to take the week off before I ventured out of my cave/ home. I also imbibed a little more whiskey than usual at the behest of my wife, who thought building up a tolerance would be wise (smart thinking, baby). Sure didn't want to find myself out in Tahoe amongst not often seen but good friends as a neutered and neurotic stay-at-home who rarely drank, went to bed early, woke up early and was a clean freak. Not that any of former is true, except for the neutered part (ha ha!), but it was comforting to have that extra bottle of whiskey sitting around. I always say that a glass of whiskey a day keeps the tobacco away! End result: my tolerance was... Good.

And, while my body screamed at me for the better part of the trip for forcing it out of its usual pattern, a local hot-tub (sadly not an onsen) and my brain, reeling off the local natural highs of Tahoe, refused to let me throw in the proverbial towel. That coupled with copious amounts of alcohol and ibuprofen made all the pain and suffering worth it.

Amongst the pristine backdrop, all my recent neuroses: the need to write, exercise, keep up with this blog and incessantly reading news/ science articles while fretting about a messy infant took a backseat to my fun. Its healthy to be reminded of more simple and less complicated pleasures, no? You can't always worry about the deeper meaning of that intense look on your infant's face as she picks up and throws wooden blocks around with indifference.

And, at least the creativity didn't fade too much to the background, we did find useful rearrangements for our lodge's furniture...

Okay, it was just the rabbit that we kept moving about and nothing else.

He wasn't completely out of place in the lodge, but any sane human being would've taken notice of him. He was there. And, he was big. More importantly, he looked and felt extremely flammable. I'm a bit surprised he survived our presence and didn't end up in the fire place.

We certainly talked about throwing him in along with some of the lodge's other highly flammable items...


Now, it wasn't all just killing brain cells and contemplating that damn rabbit's demise, we did get some 'work' done on the mountain.

There wasn't much powder up there and most of the expert runs were better left untrodden (the back country was closed off for good reason). Come to think of it, there wasn't much snow anywhere but I can enjoy a well-groomed black or double black. And, who doesn't like big kickers and table tops? Further, the point was to enjoy the scenery and maybe get some perspective, which is an easy thing to do in Tahoe. The place is amazing.

Minus the lack of snow, I could've exchanged my 6 years in Japan for 6 in Tahoe and I probably would've had as much fun. Maybe...
Big kickers
Top of a double black

And, scenery.. I literally meant what I said.
However, all said and done, this DC Daddy did miss his wife and kid until the point I started getting anxious boarding my various flights home. The idea of a complication in mid-flight started scratching at the worry centers in my brain. There was also some guilt about leaving my wife and infant daughter for a week. I wondered if my wife would lose her mind not having me to defer to, since I'm such a responsible and take charge sort of parent. What would she do without my wealth of... Guessing power? And, I started to consider the possibility that my daughter, in her limited infant consciousness, wondered where I was...

That I might shed a tear of joy when I saw her (and my wife) was a remote possibility but still a possibility, nonetheless.

To make a long sentimental rambling much shorter, I will say that my daughter was excited to see me but since grandma was there as well, dad was fun for about 15 minutes. And, then the traitor wanted little to do with me.

Whatever.. Little did she know, I would be back "in the office" full-time starting the next week. She may have forgotten but she'll quickly recall that turning blind corners should be met with trepidation, not curiosity.

Lesson for the week: keep an extra Bullet handy, you never know when you're going to have load up..