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That sneaky Christmas snuck up on me again!

November 04, 2013 The Wine Time Dad 0 Comments Category : , , ,

It's that special time of year again.
The time of year after Halloween.
When, if you watch TV too much,
a goddamn Christmas commercial will be seen!
Twenty times a day
those polar bears, that Christmas cheer, and Santa in next years Subaru
will greet you, "Hello little consumer! What's new with you?"
What? No! It most certainly cannot be...
I haven't even finished eating all my Halloween candy!
So off with the TV and on with a coat,
the baby in a stroller- you head to the store
Where to your horror, Christmas music assaults your ear!
What is this? The first or second or third of November
Thanksgiving Town just down the road,
where further down, ahead of you,
there is Christmas in its gas-guzzling SUV
swerving all over the road!
Damn you Christmas! How did you sneak in after Halloween
to cut in line before Thanksgiving?
An extra month of reminders
that it's time to spend all you have!
How cheap! How foul! A lowdown dirty trick..
To get us consumers thinking sooner about Playstation, Xbox, chainsaws, gas grills, a kindle fire (HD), and Grand Theft Auto 5! Don't forget, every kiss begins with Kay!
I commend you on your marketing sense,
but until December 1st I'll ignore you. Shut you out! Forget that you exist!
I'll hope and pray that you don't find those cellphones (Electronics section 25% off, Black Friday special!) and hound me everyday!

Oh me! Oh my! What would the poor forgotten little lord Jesus say?
That the consumer culture maniacs don't care that it's supposed to be his special day...
Would he rage? Would he cry? Would a little tear escape his eye?
Or, does he sit on the couch,
a tub of ice cream in hand,
plotting against Santa Claus, Christmas decorations, and those fucking cute polar bears?
Thinking I'll show them some holiday cheer!