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Don't waste time watching youtube videos of angry goats during your PT

November 26, 2013 The Wine Time Dad 0 Comments Category : , , , ,

An outline of sorts..

A.  About this blog post
 Listen folks, this is a totally self-indulgent blog post. All of my posts are for the most part self-indulgent, but this one takes the proverbial cake. So, I’ll do you a favor and just list some of the things you would find below in case you don’t want to read the whole thing:
  1.      A half-assed attempt to talk about SAHP (stay at home parents) and the importance of PT (personal time) for SAHP 
  2.      Some references to restaurants and drink specials at Union Station (I may mention only one beer special) you may want to "hit up" during your PT
  3.      Conflicts between constructive down time and access to high speed wifi
  4.      Mention of a special book you probably haven't read
  5.      I end this blog post with a lazy movie review of a great movie
  6.      Finally, there will be a dirty joke after the conclusion. 
B.  Things to look out for 
  1.      Some foul language
  2.      Bad grammar

Blogpost intro

DC Daddy loves the weekends. Who doesn't? It's when I get to kick back and not be on it with the baby all day. My fiancé is around to lighten the baby burden (it's really not a burden but I am a fan of alliteration), so that I can let my hair down, relax and even close the bathroom door for a change. I also get out during the day, without the little one in tow, which is more of a hassle these days because of the dropping temperatures.

So, while I love my day job, it 
is absolutely necessary to make space in your weekly schedule for shit you like to do. And, it should be done by yourself. Don't compromise your personal time because you feel guilty.. It's only okay to compromise PT when you have a babysitter and you and your significant other get alone time; a rare enough event when you have a new baby. However, don't get so geared up for alone time that you: sleep, binge TV watch, eat so much unhealthy food you get sick, get so drunk you can't function, make anymore unplanned babies due to excitement and subsequent rust with the "pull-out" method. 


I digress.

As per my routine lately, I headed to a busy place with a café so I could sit and read, write, think or stare at people walking by (baby brain often causes me to stare blankly for extended periods of time). This week found me at Union Station. Center Café to be exact. Now, I don't know what their food tastes like and I don't really care because I never stop there for food. Just drinks. I'm sure their mixed drinks are ok. Don't buy anything on the rocks, though. For $10 a drink, you're better off bringing a flask and ordering a cup with ice. However, they do have $4 Yuenglings on Tap, and you can't go wrong with that. 

Unfortunately, the bathroom is on the other side of the station, so after a few pints I had to run off with all my stuff (it's DC- I would never leave my bag unattended or even partially unattended) and then came back to finish my 3 hours of writing. Why 3 hours? IDK... It’s an arbitrary number. Why writing, you ask? What a pretentious and dangerous activity for you to talk about… Indeed. It's pretentious because anyone who says they are a writer is looking for a certain reaction- possibly some public awe and private mockery. Dangerous because someone might ask you about the writing progress you’ve made further down the line… Yet, I didn’t call myself a writer- I would never do that. And, don't worry- the “writing” was a story about a writer who wanders aimlessly through life and almost never writes anything. An ironic story given my location and state.

Now, if you do find yourself at Center Café during your baby free time and find that you’ve may have stayed a little too long and had more than a few pints of Yuengling, then make sure you stop by Crumbs Bake Shop on the way out. Because nothing says, “No, baby, I didn’t just sit there and drink,” like a thoughtful surprise of overly large sugary cupcakes. Let it never be said that I ain’t looking out for you other DC daddies.    

Flash forward several hours, when everyone is asleep, which is usually a good time to pour yourself a drink, read a book (just got done reading the second installment of The Tube Riders), pretend to write some more, have another glass of wine; then take a break from writing (usually after a sentence or two) to rifle through facebook photos of old girlfriends or people you can’t stand. Mostly so you can remind yourself of how much better off you are from them, or give a sigh of relief that you didn't end up with so and so. Or, I just sit there with several open word documents while I head to youtube to find videos of angry goats.  

This time I decided to forego all that, not the wine though (check the title of this blog site if you wonder why), when I happened by Netflix and saw that Europa Report was up. Seen it?

I can’t say I was pleasantly surprised by it because I expected I would like it. Besides, most sci-fi movies always get evaluated on a sliding scale with me because I’m a science nerd. Suffice to say, it was a good thing I wasn’t disappointed because I hate wasting time to watch something bad in place of doing something productive.

ER is a fairly realistic documentary style film about the first manned flight to Europa. Europa because new evidence points to the high probability of there being oceans underneath several thousands of meters thick ice, and where there is liquid water there is usually life (Fuck Mars and its freeze dried red dust, amiright?). Even if it is only microbial that would be a start, and it would be one of humanities greatest discoveries of the new century/ millennia and (probably) all the millennia past. Hence the plot and atmosphere of the movie.

However, it’s not all glory and “wild west” style space cowboy stuff out there in the darkness. The movie goes to greater lengths than your standard sci-fi space movies to detail what it would be like out in deep space (relatively speaking). Everything from one character mentioning how they try to stay in artificial gravity to retain bone density to the psychological trauma of being so cut off from life and loved ones on Earth. They even worry about space radiation, something that never seems to be a factor in other space movies. In fact, up until the crew reaches Europa and things get really fictional, the flight to Jupiter’s famous moon seems so within the realm of human capability that I thought I was watching something that actually did happen. Even their spacecraft wasn’t so far fetched. I kept telling myself that this was only a movie... Now, once they got to the small Galilean satellite and encountered a glowing Europan octopus monster, shit got real.

I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t put the ending of a movie I liked so much out there to spoil the fun for everyone else. This isn’t Thor we're talking about…


So, in conclusion, we talked about PT and AL for SAHP, and one place to go for cheap Yuengling and another for good "smooth-over"  cupcakes at Union Station. We also discussed activities you do in your downtime, pretentious utterances of the statement "I'm a writer", and angry goats on youtube. Finally, we reviewed a sci-fi movie, which you may want to go see so this blogger can sound smart by discussing its nuances with you the next time he sees you.


"My dad's favorite kind of jokes were the ones we had no possibility of understanding. Like, "Why can't Ms. Piggy count to 100?"- "because everytime she gets to 69 she gets a frog in her throat." He'd then laugh as we recited the joke to other adults and ask what it meant."

Ha ha ha...

Not funny? Neither is a screaming 9 month who likes to fling her poopy diapers around.. Yes, she's fast enough to grab them before I can stop her. Laugh at that after you just ate a large bowl of chili.