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Something to drink in the meantime..

October 01, 2013 The Wine Time Dad 0 Comments Category :

Happy October all! I hope you're not working too hard and (maybe) enjoying Oktoberfest somewhere. Which shouldn't be a problem if you're employed by the gov't- you have all the free time you could ever want!

In any case, if you do find yourself in a bit of a lull, why not have yourself a drink (as long as you're not driving or baby handling). Since it's officially autumn, I suggest you get yourself some real apple cider and a dark spiced rum, heat up the cider and enjoy your pleasantly cool evenings. But, under no circumstances should you skimp on the rum.

Why am I on about rum cider, you ask?

Well the other night, my fiancé and I imbibed the aforementioned libation, and I fell in love with it. Being a virginal nymphomaniac with specialty drinks, I think I've found a new addiction!

There be rum in that there cider!
Rum cider reminds me of those Halloween evenings of yesteryear, when our chaperones would stop at the same house every season and hang out for a bit after trick or treat. The woman who lived there also ran after school daycare/ babysitting for kids in the neighborhood. During Halloween she didn't give out candy, she handed out cup of hot apple cider, and there were always two lines. One for the kiddies and one for the adults. Years later, I had an epiphany as to why the adults got different cups than us kids and why the adults always stopped at her house. She was handing out special cider to the kid weary adults...

Odd that it took a suggestion from my baby's mama all these years later to try it out...

However, if you're a bourbon whiskey drinker and not in the mood for a hot rum drink, then I suggest you seek out Elmer T. Lee whiskey. It's in my Liquor Cabinet this month, until it runs out, at which point I will procure another bottle. I stumbled upon it at a local liquor store while looking for a beverage gift for a friend of mine. A friend who is a fan of Woodford Reserve. But, the crafty clerk/ whiskey connoisseur put me off the name brand for something more local. To my surprise, Elmer T. Lee was both a good whiskey and (ever so) slightly cheaper than the Woodford. Check it out sometime, if you're feeling dangerous. You probably won't be disappointed.
Better than Maker's

Keep it real, friends.