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A great original story you've never heard of...

October 03, 2013 The Wine Time Dad 0 Comments Category :

Just follow me for a sec..
Have you ever looked at the outside a subway or an above ground city transit train? If so, then maybe you noticed the little railing or gutter that directs water away from the doors. In and of itself, that railing is nothing special. But, what if I told you that with the right equipment, you could catch that railing, with a good running start, and ride the train in a way no one has probably ever thought of.
You may be thinking that even if it could be done, it would be extremely dangerous and not worth the risk. You would be right. Clearly you're not a thrill seeker and should just stop reading this post right now. Go back to playing video games or knitting. You just don't have the adventurous brass to make it to the end of this post, and I'd be guilty of wasting your time.

But, if you feel what I'm saying, then come a little further with me.

Now that we've come this far, let's push our imagination a little further. We cross the Atlantic ocean and find ourselves in London, but not the London we would find ourselves in today. We've arrived in a much different city, where Big Ben stopped telling time a long ago and massive walls surround the city. The streets are cluttered with burned out cars and DCA agents (Department of Civil Affairs) with riot gear patrol the streets. In this dystopian city you're just as likely to die in a flash riot on your way to work as you are of stubbing your toe. If you're homeless,  you may go to sleep in your cardboard box one night only to wake up on a dissection table, as part of a secret experiment, run by the corrupt totalitarian government, the next day.

No, I dare say this isn't the London we know today. This is Mega Britain, and if you're a fool, then your life is forfeit.

However, not all is lost in this hell-hole. Deep below the mean streets in an abandoned subway station, a group of young strays and orphans eek out a living, doing whatever they can to survive. They come together as gang known only as the tube riders (if you didn't know, London's subway system is referred to as the Tube). Amidst the nightmarish landscape of this futuristic Britain, the Tube Riders engage in the risky hobby of tube riding- a hobby that has a high mortality rate but also binds them together as family. With their clawboards, they cling to the sides of the trains in a desperate attempt to escape their doomed lives in the streets above while dodging death below.

But, in the dark tunnels they discover even darker secrets. They find that there are worse ways to die than falling off a train and being crushed to death. Especially, when the monstrous Huntsmen are sent after them. A quick death becomes a fleeting hope when the Huntsman's teeth close around the tube riders. Their only hope may be in the ride of their lives.


Yes folks, I kid you not. This is the story and if you're done reading about sparkling vampires or hearing about some idiotic claim of the Tea Party, then I suggest you purchase a copy of The Tube Riders.

In my opinion and that of my wife (who is far more educated and well read than myself), this book is a fast-paced page turner. IT WILL NOT LEAVE YOU DISAPPOINTED! Some reviewers have stated that it works well as a young adult novel, with it's light and airy adventurousness. Yet, that light and airy adventure is punctuated by the brutal realities of a totalitarian government, a cruel and power hungry mystery known as the Governor, sadistic scientists and their blood thirsty experiments.

Besides, don't you think it's time you redeemed yourself after reading whatever "tweenager" porn you just put down? Start with The Tube Riders. Have I made myself clear?

If you don't like it, it's too late as you've already bought the book, and god will forgive you. Unfortunately, he won't forgive you for reading a Dan Brown novel.

Check out the link to Amazon!!