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I love it when good TV shows ends

September 24, 2013 The Wine Time Dad 0 Comments Category :

I hate TV. I really do. I hate TV so much that when I'm watching it, I think about all of the more constructive things I'll do when I'm done watching it. Not like take over the world, burn through the pop physics and philosophy books I have piling up, or even write for several hours.


The next great American novel or cutting exposé, on one of the myriad of big topics floating around in the media, will not be written when I put the TV to sleep.

Sadly, my grand schemes of consist of maybe sitting here and writing an email to an old friend, or getting out a super late "thank you" card to the scores of people to which they're owed. When I have more than an hour, in between changing diapers and entertaining a 7 mo old, I look for that job that's going to turn into a career. But, I usually don't even get that far because amidst all the mindless crap that's on TV, there are blackholes of decent entertainment. Such that once you pass the event horizon (the pilot episode) you may be binging every weekend for weeks.

These are usually the type of shows that you think about when the episode is over. They keep you hooked on the edge of your seat and begging for more. Probably arguing with trolls on online forums and sweating bullets thinking about possible scenarios until the next episode.

Like I said, I hate that shit. Because I'm obsessive and have an unhealthy obsession with stories I'm into. Which is probably a little healthier than supporting a drug habit. But, until I get that fix, the endless back and forth between scenarios cycles itself through my head, faster and faster. It's like a good book you have to put down to do something else- you think about it when you're not reading. Constantly wondering about what's going to happen next. Like your imagination is masturbating with possibilities but it's never able to reach climax. Imagine that infuriating scenario.

But, you can't just pick up a TV show like you can a book. Unless you came into a show several seasons deep and you have a lot of catching up to do. You have to wait a week, sometimes more. It's a passive aggressive obligation, you try not to think about it but you can't help yourself. You hate the TV but you love the entertainment it gives you.

Worse yet, I have put off easy tasks like using the bathroom, making lunch, or changing a dirty diaper in order to catch my favorite shows. Especially when they're not on Demand. I mean, there is something mildly lazy, quite possibly irresponsible, about letting your baby accidentally jam her hand into a excrement filled nappy while impatiently waiting to see if the crab boat has hit a biomass or not. Or, letting your baby suck on your dirty man toes (she's in that oral fixation stage) while Heisenberg utters another one of those "Oooo! Shit!" lines. It's okay, she's content at the moment. At least she's not trying to stick her tongue in a wall socket. Ignoring her for 2 more minutes isn't going to give her issues, right? I'm sure one of you "non-super" regular parents understands where I'm coming from...

So, good riddance to those beloved fucking TV shows. I lament their ends, but the mental breathe of air when you're released from their clutches is refreshing. And, let's face it, no one likes a show that runs so long that it's plot becomes convoluted and lost. Just look at what happened to those poor fools on that mysterious island or the vampires on HBO.

In this sense, it's really the journey I take with a great show that I enjoy, not the ending. Endings can often be disappointing... So, once the ending is nigh, I start thinking about filling the void with more productive things. Like taking care of my child and doing the dishes.

Until the next great show comes along and I get sucked in again.