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A chardonnay that won't break the bank.

September 25, 2013 The Wine Time Dad 0 Comments Category :

I know summer is almost over and many of you may be dreading the coming winter. Unless you're like me and love winter sports, then you probably don't mind the onset of fall. Besides the weather being so much more tolerable, there are less mosquitos (they are extra aggressive in DC).

But, before we say farewell to the warm sunny days until 2014, I have one suggestion for you... A beverage suggestion.

If you're a wine drinker, white wine to be exact, then maybe you would like to try one you haven't heard of before? A non-wallet busting vino, perhaps? Which if you're like me and don't want to be paying for wine with pocket change, but don't want to do research, then I say go with a suggestion rather than be adventurous! Sometimes it's just easier to have a target instead of a search. Especially on holiday weekends when supermarket lines could induce check-out exhaustion. A condition that can and does cause you to lose faith in humanity.

So, in order to get in and get out, skip past browse and go straight for the Chateau Ste. Michelle. That's right! Walk quickly over to the wines and locate the Michelle, chilled is preferred, so that you can open it right when you get home. Maybe on the walk home. Once you locate it, swindle your way to the front of the fast checkout lane by calling attention to the jerks who have more than 15 items. Get them kicked out of line. The quicker you get out of the super market or liquor store and get home, the quicker you can enjoy this great inexpensive wine.

It's light. It's dry with a slight oaky taste. And, it leaves your palate clean.

Maybe you could pick up some cheese, crackers, and some salami to go with it. Whatever, you know, go a little crazy.

Now you can relax in your TV room, your backyard, your kitchen, or even your garage with a damn smooth chardonnay. And, your cheese platter. Possibly by yourself. More for you to enjoy.

If you're feeling really adventurous than find a park or a tree branch to sit in/on and have yourself a merry little picnic. Just make sure it's not close to school or something. That could get awkward quick.

The point is that you should heed my advice and try this wine out (it would be entirely too negligent of me not to pass this knowledge on- what is the internet for, anyways?). So enjoy your afternoon or evening, feeling a great deal of self-satisfaction that you didn't blow too much money.

Now, go and seize the day, my fellow non-expensive wine drinkers!
Carpe fucking diem.